Mount Shasta/Pluto’s Cave/Castle Crags

    My dad, brother and I got to go on an epic roadtrip from Portland down to Mount Shasta, packed with hikes, climbs, and delicious food.
    Our first stop was Odell Lake, shot on Kodak Ultramax 400: 

    Next, I loaded in some Cinestill 400D for when we first encounter the Mountain, and head to Pluto’s Cave: 

    Next, I switched to Cinestill 800T for the evening, not realizing that we would have full sun first thing in the morning. It’s usually not recommended to shoot 800T in full sun, but alas. They didn’t turn out too bad!: 

    I then switched to Cinestill 50D for the rest of this hike, and the first half of the Castle Crags hike the next day:

Headwaters Spring. We filled up every bottle we had.  

    At the top of Castle Crags, I put in another roll of Cinestill 400D: 

    And finally, some miscellaneous LomoChrome Purple shots: 

Cascade Boulders

    Ian took Todd and I to a bouldering spot he found in some old book we were following. The uncertainty of the location was looming, but we were stoked and checked everything out. I think we eventually got our bearings and found an identifiable boulder. Excellent lighting, with the whole forest to ourselves. Shot on the 650si, with Kodak Ultramax 400: 

This was randomly on the side of the road...

    And some Vivitar point & shoots to go with it, on Fujifilm 200:

Cannon Beach

    Todd & Jordan invited the crew to the Cannon beach house for a weekend, shot with the 650si and 50mm f1.4 lens, with Fujifilm 200: 

    I also broke out some JCH Streetpan for some late night drunken beach wanders, and got some surprisingly good portraits: 

Flash really helped out with those. 

Latourell Falls Loop

    Aaron was visiting Portland and we went on a hike with Jordan. Most are featuring Aaron’s famous non-smile technique. Snagged all these on the hike, using Portra 160 and the zoom lens:

The obligatory eating shot.
Macro mode on the 28-85mm.
Croc buttons...?
Obligatory driving shot.
Don’t try this at home.

Pool at Roscoe’s

    While Aaron was visiting, we had a big crew hit up Roscoe’s by Todd & Jordan’s in Montavilla. Food, drinks, smokes, and pool. All shot on the Vivitar point and shoot, with Fujifilm 200:

Ghost Towns in Central Oregon 

    On the way home from the Sisters trip, Laura & Andy took me on another adventure to check out the “official” ghost town of Shaniko, and the even gnarlier ghost town of Kent. First, some of the Ilford HP5+ pushed to 1600: 

   I also shot some LomoChrome Turquoise for the first time, and I think they turned out pretty good: 

Black Butte/Sisters Trip

    I got to go on a trip to Sisters, OR, for Laura’s birthday. The full crew was me, Nick, Emily, Haley, Laura & Andy. It was also my first attempt at pushing a couple different kinds of film and figuring out how a new lens works, (the Minolta 28-85mm, f3.5-4.5 zoom lens.) 

    I started with Ilford HP5+ pushed to 800 ISO, using the Maxxum 7000 with the 28-85mm: 


    I also had a roll of Cinestill 800T in my main Maxxum 650si, pushed to 1600 ISO. 

The obligatory flipped double exposure.
(Normal version).

   Next was Kodak Gold 200 pushed to 400 ISO. Nick had just tweaked his back at work the day before the trip, so he was mostly sitting in that one location. 

Haley also snapped a few at brunch:

   After a walk, Laura & Andy took me into a forest through these crazy dirt roads, attempting to find a previous camping spot. Not finding it, we instead stumbled upon this strange tiny building (likely leading to an underground thing), along with some obsidian rocks. The photo doesn’t show one, but does demonstrate the fun rock hounding. 

   Finished this roll off with a diptych of Andy, pensive and engaged. 


    Next was a roll of Fujifilm 200 pushed to 400 ISO. Some of these shots came out way over-saturated, which I guess is what I should have expected. 

Andy with the Mamiya 645.
Mountain Climbers.
Another Tiny Building.
This isn’t even a black and white photo. 
Smith Rock.

    Once we made it to Smith Rock, I put in another roll of Ilford HP5+ but pushed it to 1600 ISO this time, (as per the rules of Jason from Grainydays). 

See below.

    I thought these turned out great. Awesome contrast. There are a few more shots from this roll, but I’ll include them in the next post when Laura & Andy took me to some ghost towns in central Oregon. 

    The above picture of Andy with his Mamiya was taken while he took these beautiful portraits: 

I had the pleasure of taking this one. 

    And finally, a few from the Vivitar 357PZ point and shoot, with a roll of Ilford HP5+ 400: 

   Happy birthday Laura!

   Actually, a small postscript of Lomo Turq:

Oregon City Hangs

    Laura & Andy invited us over for an epic afternoon of pizza and hanging. It was one of the first sunny days in a while. 650si with Portra 800:

    And a few blown out pictures of the soon-to-be parents. (Portra 800 was not the optimal choice here):

Cathedral Park/Westside/The Grotto

    I was able to hit up Cathedral Park with a new friend and her dog, shot on Cinestill 400D:

   Followed by a walk in the evening:


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