Mount Shasta/Pluto’s Cave/Castle Crags

    My dad, brother and I got to go on an epic roadtrip from Portland down to Mount Shasta, packed with hikes, climbs, and delicious food.
    Our first stop was Odell Lake, shot on Kodak Ultramax 400: 

    Next, I loaded in some Cinestill 400D for when we first encounter the Mountain, and head to Pluto’s Cave: 

    Next, I switched to Cinestill 800T for the evening, not realizing that we would have full sun first thing in the morning. It’s usually not recommended to shoot 800T in full sun, but alas. They didn’t turn out too bad!: 

    I then switched to Cinestill 50D for the rest of this hike, and the first half of the Castle Crags hike the next day:

Headwaters Spring. We filled up every bottle we had.  

    At the top of Castle Crags, I put in another roll of Cinestill 400D: 

    And finally, some miscellaneous LomoChrome Purple shots: 

    The final two rolls were some Cinestill XX black & white (at 800 ISO), and Portra 800. 

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